Dukes of Hazzard


    Welcome back to Hazzard County!  Things have changed a little in the past twenty years, so to get your bearings, click on the directory entries for a nostalgic photo tour.  This page was conceived by Jack, designed by Jack and Cory, and created by Jack, Cory, and Eric.

Hazzard County Directory 1978-1979

Hazzard County Court House

1124 Clark St NW

Covington, GA  30209

Hazzard County Jail

1293 Milstead Ave

Conyers, GA  30207

Civic Clubs

80 Hamill St

Oxford, GA  30267

Sheridan Orphans Home

5160 Echols St NW

Covington, GA  30209

Boars Nest

290 Flat Rock Rd

Oxford, GA  30267


3975 Hwy 20

Conyers, GA  30207

Ace's Used Cars

1149 Usher St NE

Covington, GA  30209

Jesse L. Duke

Rt 2

Loganville, GA  30249


Starr Recording, Inc.

1200 Spring St NW

Atlanta, GA  30309

More scenes from Hazzard County


Addresses have been confirmed by local directories and, if necessary, by owners or officials in the area.


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